Sunday, February 21, 2010

My sister Elaine's B.D. card

Yep! I almost have it done. I just have to put the insides in it. And her birthday is on the 23rd and she lives in Virginia. Think it will get there on time???? Oh my lack of motivation to get my #^&* together lately, honestly! Anyways.....the flower image is Magenta as is the background scroll on the top, flowers Prima, EK leaf punch. Background paper??? I don't know I never know. Just pretty! I can post this because she doesn't have a computer!!!! haha! She used to build computer boards for a job but doesn't like running them so doesn't have one. How does she exist! LOL She is 3 months short of her 5 years of having had a real mess of cancer. Several major surgeries, chemo and radiation. Just thought I'd mention that. What a fighter, what she has gone through I wouldn't wish on anyone.   

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