Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Card for my fav s.i.l.


Another Belle's and Whistles Stamp. This card was for my sister in law for her birthday. The b/g paper was some I got from Michael's awhile ago and worked in just perfectly with this stamp. Look at my lovely bow all smooshed flat. Oh dear! A good reason for taking pictures instead of scanning I guess huh? This was just a real fun card to make. And it never hurts to make a card for someone that you really like too!


  1. Just adorable and I love that sentiment!! Your coloring is fab!

  2. Yup making a carde for people you like is easier. Ok wait....I like everyone I make cards for but when it's someone you REALLY like or love, it's way easier! LOVE your coloring on this one and how you used that paper. I've had it for a long time too and it's still sitting in my paper bin!!