Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Happy Mother's Day card

Another fun card to make! This one I made just cause I wanted to make a mother's day card and I know a real nice mother. Not mine I don't have one, well I did at one time. hahaha Anyways. My s.i.l.'s mom is such a nice lady and I know she loves handmade things so it was fun to make too. Papers are from Michael's. Spellbinder's swirl die. Lacey ribbon from Walmart. McGill Punch for the leaves. And various flower punches. And there you have the extent of my card making lately. I have colored a few more images but haven't made them into cards yet. Been busy cleaning and other stuff.


  1. What a great idea with the punches.I never think of that.My brain is one of those if you add too many ideas some falls the way ,your ahead of the game if your on Mother's day cards.:)

  2. WHAT?! Do I see 3 bg papers on this card?!! Holi cow for a woman who said she wasn't good at coordinating papers you're sure knocking it out of the park!! I love the color combo on this and REALLY like the bouquet on here! So elegant!

  3. Oh cool! I can do it now!!!! Sorry to hear about how your brain works Tanya!!! hahaha I do know what you mean. Been looking/organizing stuff in my craft room and lo and behold sure I remember using that.....Must have added one more to many ideas!

    Thank you my dear daughter!!! It helps to have a mentor to follow! wink!!! Also helps that they sell papers that already co-ordinate! hahahaha!