Wednesday, March 24, 2010

OK so now I am ticked off!

I just found out that I have some wonderful comments on here and I tried to respond to them but to no avail. Didn't show up. Had this problem when I was on a blog hop the other day too. Anyways. I just loved reading all of your comments! Really makes me want to get busy and make some more cards to put up!!!! Well not that I am looking for praise or something! Just encouraged to do more! You know what I mean! So thank you very much girls!!!!
Hope today finds you in a nice warm and sunny place!


  1. I know what ya mean,I would love to be able to respond as well.Apparently there is a way(Eulanda tells me)I have yet to figure it

  2. There is to Tanya!!!!! Do you use Firefox or IE for your browser? You have to have 3rd party cookies enabled to post back and for my editing pencil to show up again too! Cool!