Saturday, January 8, 2011

Best start off with some Christmas Cards!

Long after the season is over with of course! Here she comes with a crapload of these things! Never could settle on one design so ended up doing a lot of different ones. Enjoy.....if your still in the mood and not "DONE" with christmas cards yourselves!!! If you have any questions about company's or whatever. Don't hesitate to ask! I'll likely get around to answering you sooner or later! aaaaaaaaaahahahahaha Oh and by the way Happy New Year!!!!!! aye!

This wasn't the only ones I did but the other ones are fairly similar to some of these! And apparently I didn't do much of a cropping job on some of them either! Oh my! Must run for now. Supper in the making and company coming soon! Oh would you look at that snow coming down out there. It is so pretty! I have been snowplowing about 2 miles of driveway for 3 days this week. Fun! At least when it's warm it is!!! Ciao for now!!!!


  1. Wow you were busy. I will store some of these away for ideas for next year. Glad to see you back posting. Take Care (PS I ment if the other day come have tea)

  2. Wozers these are so cool! Love mine the most - hee hee - and just ♥ the Bo Bunny paper. Your cocoa snowman in so cute!! When you put them altogether like this, it's a pretty impressive display!!

  3. Great cards Dorothy! You should write the recipe used for your creations underneath each, even if only the stamp name & company! Curious minds want to know, also how you made some great snow effects. J/Ontario

  4. Wowzers!!These are all wonderful.It's no wonder you didn't have time to load them up here.You spent our entire time making them!!I just LOOOVE that penguin!!!