Monday, January 10, 2011

Now isn't Mildred just a lovely lady!!!!!

Oh this woman just makes me giggle!!!! She is just irreverent! Image is a digital stamp from Bugaboo Stamps. Who just happens to hale from Saskatchewan in Canada. I should have this made into a poster!!!! Seems I get off on one thing and before you know it there is a million things that are chompin at my own @#! that need to be done. hahaha oh well.
Some spellbinder shapes used here. And a new punch made for SU. Yep got the corner punch that goes with it. I gotta learn to use those better. I have a number of them and really think they look nice but dumb as a post when it comes to getting it to work out well for me, and yes I have read the instructions a million....well maybe 3 times!!!! I will get it oh yes I will!!!! I must post a link to Jodie's site at Bugaboo Stamps.


  1. Oh she is something else love her. Take Care

  2. Baaahaaa....haahaaa.can't stop laughing.this is hilarious.LOVE IT!!