Monday, January 10, 2011

Ok now I really have to do something else!

Oh ya I know, make supper!!!! Ok so I wasn't at it that long and supper are just left over's!!! I added a couple of new sites to my links for you. Stamps Alive is run by a gal named Terri. She has really awesome prices and is great to deal with as well! Also added is Bugaboo Stamps. It is run by a gal named Jodie! She has also started putting some of her digital stamps into polymer. Should likely put that link up there too, hey. Ya, maybe tomorrow!!!! So I hope you enjoy and also that I did a reasonable job of telling you what stuff I used on the cards, even if it is the same stuff over and over!!!. Ciao for now and have a great evening! I promise I have a couple more to add but can't just yet as they haven't been received.

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