Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Grandson's birthday

Not the best work I have ever done by far! But probably one of the quickest!!! Oh maybe not! I am thinking the words could have been a whole lot smaller. So not impressed with that. But my little grandson really liked it. He thought the cupcake looked good enough to eat!!! LOL He is just such a sweet little boy. I must tell you what he did. At the end of the party I asked him if I could have his goodie bag. And in a very quiet voice he says.....nooooooo. A couple of minutes later I was surrounded by a boquet of balloons. He had gone and got them off the table and brought them to me and said "Here grammie". I can't believe that he had reasoned that out with such thoughtfulness! Mind you I didn't take his balloons either!!!


  1. Hallo Dorothy,

    da wird dein Enkel sich bestimmt sehr freuen drüber, eine ganz tolle Karte.


  2. that cupcake is so amazing it looks good enough to eat Dorothy...fabulous card...thanks for the wonderful comment you left on my Sugar Nellie blog hop card
    Mina xxx