Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What? A tutorial! Hopefully yes!

Decide what you want the inside of your card to look like and cut 2 separate pieces of light weight card stock or design paper. I would use the traditional 5 1/2" X 4 1/4". The reason being that your little gift card envelope that is going to fit inside can be smaller and do what it needs to do!!!

So lets start with what the inside is going to look like.

Leave a little space between the pieces of paper. Oh and don't think that you might help yourself by putting just a little bit of something to hold the ribbon in place while you are positioning it. Believe me it just screws it up so it doesn't work!!! lol Just tape the ribbons down on the back side of these pieces.

Ok so now I will show you the back of these same pieces.

Not exactly the straightest on my ribbons am I, ok you don't have to answer that! lol  So can you figure out which ribbon goes where? Oh I am sure you can! I have faith in you!

Next you cut the outside paper cardstock, once again in 2 separate pieces same size as the inside paper. Now glue them to the back sides of the innards in the last picture.

Make your gift envelope. Place your envelope underneath the ribbon X.

Your card is in 2 pieces, joined by the ribbons. I am going to show you what the magic is! First you will open the card from the right side. Now close it. Next open it again from the left side. I do hope you heeded my advice and didn't use any extra sticky stuff anywhere, no need for you to learn it the hard way too!!!!! hahaha

See how the gift envelope moved from one side to the other?
Now is that cool or what!!!!!
If you have any problems let me know!
Have fun!


  1. Cute going to have to give that a try.. Take Care

  2. Great tutorial. You are one smart cookie, my dear.