Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Some more Christmas cards

For your viewing pleasure.....or not! Whatever you decide! I'm fairly free wheelin this morning. Just lovin this new sleep pattern I have developed as of late! Can't go to sleep. Can't stay asleep for any great length of time! You could say it sucks to be me right now. Pretty sure I am not alone in this boat of sinking hormones! Whatever~ This to shall pass!

This is a Sylvia Zet digi image.

Rubber Stamp by Funky Kits in Scotland.

My sister in law loves tacky flamingo's. So I thought this little cutie image by Dustin Pike would be just what she needed for Christmas!

Hope you liked them or at least liked looking at them! More to come just can't post them at the moment! I hope you all have a great day!


  1. Truly cute cards :) that first one looks like fabric, very pretty and I love the image! Those flamingos are too darn cute :) nice work!

  2. Awesome cards! I absolutely love the flamingos!

  3. Well, your lack of sleep hasn't affected your creativity at all. I love them all! You sil will love the flamingos! How fun!

  4. ha ha ha OMG mom that flamingo one is hilarious! Perfect image for Ralfie too!! Sorry about the hormone thing. That's gotta suck but I guess I'll find out for myself huh? Ew. Love how you put the snow on the MERRY CHRISTMAS, the birds are KA-UTE and the first card is super cute too!! Great coloring....again!!