Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fiesta Days

We had our annual Fiesta, put on by our local stamp and scrapbooking store, Creative Accents!!! Yay girls! And what a job they did! We even had a chef, that is usually hard at work in the Sun Peaks ski resort, out of Kamloops. Thank You for gracing us with cooking up a mexican food extravaganza, Dennis! The company was wonderful. I even had to change some travel plans to work around being able to be here for this weekend! Obviously, I love the Fiesta weekend. Although, I never do get much done other than visiting! lol Somehow the other girls manage to put out some real nice stuff though!

I did not make these cards at the fiesta. The Creative Accents ladies had spoken to Hospice and asked if they had a need for cards to have on hand. They did.  Who ever wanted to and had cards on hand could bring and donate them to a very good cause. That is what these cards are for.

And once again Thank You to Julie and her everloving supportive wonderful hubby, Greg. Also to Tara, daughter and co-owner of Creative Accents. And whoever else had a hand in creating such a  fun weekend! I strongly suggest to anyone. Think about attending this event sometime!

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