Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tom and Charlotte 50th

This card was almost entirely done with cut outs from my silhouette. I put the 2nd one in to show you the way the wings are put on. "She" has a little rhinestone necklace on.  I had to fashion the black beak head part myself. The background sky is from a piece of paper that I had and copied it so I can change the color of the sky as suited to the other colors I am using. You can't really tell from the picture that the entire dark blue flourish is covered with sparklies. Yup! That was a create more work for yourself opportunity! On one side of the cut out there was a little bit from the back of the paper that was not at all like the front. And wouldn't you know it that is the side I started to glue face up!!! So now I can't turn it over because it has glue on it right? So had to carry on with the glue and put loose glitter on it. Some sticks some gets all over the inside of the envelope and is generally here there and wherever on the card itself.

And off to the great white north, ok so it was July and it wasn't that white!!! To Lance's sister and her husbands 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration. The weather was great, aside from the mosquito's being a tad on the nasty side. And the company was wonderful!!! We were really happy to be able to be there with them.

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