Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to Mikey!

I am back with a Stampscapes card. It has been awhile and this is a technique that definitely needs practice. However, not to bad. Can you believe that there is 7 different stamps used in the making of this scene? I don't know why it looks like there is a blank area on the right, maybe because of the silver paper right next to it? I am pretty sure it is colored right up to the edge! Yep it is. I had to go and check this on a bigger picture! This card is for my daughter Simone's fiance. He is a real great guy!!! 


  1. Eine wunderschöne Szene ist das geworden. Leider schaffe ich es zeitlich icht, alle wunderschönen Werke von Dir einzeln zu kommentieren.


  2. I would love to come and practice Stampscapes with you. You are a master at them and I need a ton of practice. Beautiful card!