Saturday, January 19, 2013

Goodness Where Have I been?

Making cards that's where!!! lol Next card up is for my daughter in law. And I am so proud of myself I already have it made....well real close.
I trust you all have a lovely Christmas. So good to be heading towards spring now. Well in a couple of months but the days are staying light much longer so this is a really good thing!
I have some material so hopefully my next project will be to sew a couple of things. And if all goes well I may not throw my sewing machines in the bush!!! It's been awhile, Mind you I did make some jammies for my grandkids for christmas eve. They seem to have turned out fairly nicely. Oh I might as well put a picture for you to look at too. What the heck, nothing spectacular but they liked them!

Journey's nightie

Meakin's jammies

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