Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year! And now for a few Christmas Cards!

Haven't been in much of a creative mood for the past while. No reason in particular....just doing other things I guess!  If you want to know anything in particular about hese cards just ask!
And I wish for you all a wonderful new year ahead!

Birthday Card for a friend far away!

A lovely Sylvia Zet image! On a birthday card for a friend in Omaha NB, Sheri! And always looking for the right place to take a picture of my card for the blog I decided to put it in front of this amazing elephant that my new son in law from India brought as a gift for us when he came. You can't see it but the elephant is hand carved in one piece and there are 2 other carved elephants inside this one. Wow! To much time on someone's hands? LOL Or one pile of patience!!!
Anyways I trust you had a good birthday, my friend.

For one BRAVE lady!

A Sylvia Zet digital image on a card that I made for my friend in Toronto, Janet G. Crazy and Gutsy lady who had a double knee replacement done. I hope you are doing much better now! Is it time to phone and "encourage" you with your exercises again! Ugh!!!