Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year! And now for a few Christmas Cards!

Haven't been in much of a creative mood for the past while. No reason in particular....just doing other things I guess!  If you want to know anything in particular about hese cards just ask!
And I wish for you all a wonderful new year ahead!


  1. Happy Niew Year to you too! Beautiful cards, as always. I particularly love the first one.

  2. Ok, here are my questions and comments. All are great cards! Of course I especially love the one you sent to me. The angel with the lace behind her. Now is the first one colored by you or a photo? Beautiful! The snowman in the second one, who makes that stamp? So stinkin cute! And the embossing folder on the third one is one I have not seen before. Again who makes it? You did some amazing cards! You asked for questions and I am always happy to oblige!